U ntil recently, grooms were only assigned with and only wanted to be assigned with three tasks when it came to their wedding (1) shower (2) shave and (3) show up on time. In recent years, that has changed drastically. Grooms are spending more money and taking a more active role in the wedding planning process. Now, there are some decisions that grooms still do not have much interest in, such as ivory or white, satin or polyester, hydrangea or cymbidium orchid. But, they are making more decisions when it comes to entertainment, site, transportation, menu and other aspects of their big day.

Events of Sophistication is dedicated to making grooms feel like a special part of their wedding, so we will feature topics that the groom and his groomsmen are interested in, such as how to dress for the wedding, grooming, health/fitness, entertainment, money matters, bachelor events that extend past the strip club and a wide array of other interesting information because we recognize that “it’s your day too!” If there is anything particular that you are interested in, please contact us and we will feature it right here in the groom room.

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