26 Jan 2013

He Put A Ring On It!

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H e has placed the long-awaited ring on your finger and you are bursting with excitement.  But, you are also unsure of what to do now.   You have started reading every bridal magazine on the shelf, watching every wedding program on television and are already stressing about the flowers, the cake and of course, the wedding gown.  Yes, it can be very overwhelming, but contrary to the Bridezilla stories, you truly can enjoy every aspect of planning your wedding.  The first step is to have a candid discussion with your fiancé about how you envision your wedding day.  You may find that you have very different ideas.

The next step is to develop a “realistic” budget and stick to it.  If you can afford to have a $100,000 wedding, go for it.  It is your wedding and of course it should be exactly what you dreamed it would be, but remember, you have to live after this one day.  If your budget is $30,000, try to stay within that budget.  Having a fabulous wedding does not mean you have to go broke doing it.  Believe it or not, there are various ways to cut costs without sacrificing what you really want.



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