06 Feb 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day  is a week away.   The date, February 14th has for centuries been the day that love is celebrated all over the world.  Restaurants are booked weeks in advance and stores are awash in pink and red.   Years ago, Valentines’s Day was a day for “women” to receive chocolate, flowers and dinner from their significant other.  But just like weddings, Valentine’s Day is no longer all about the woman.  Men are being showered with gifts, dinner and even flowers and guess what, they are loving it.

As you celebrate this special day with your significant other, think of something creative.  Sure, you can go to dinner and buy flowers and candy.  But, if your significant has a hobby, try to get them  a gift related to that hobby — it’s all about stepping outside of the box and for dinner, I am sure  a meal prepared by your loving hands and served in the privacy of your home or hotel room, complete with candlelight and soft music will be greatly appreciated.   If you both like wine, increase your knowledge by scheduling both for a wine tasting/class.  Today, as many people are struggling financially, do not feel obligated to spend a ton of money.  This goes back to being creative.  Purchase an inexpensive journal and give it to your significant other so you can both document the special times that you share together or plan a romantic movie night at home.  Rent classic love stories from Casablanca to Love Jones — purchase all of the movie theater goodies and treat your special person to an evening at the movies.

No matter how you celebrate this day, remember that love lasts all year round.  But, there is nothing wrong with doing something a little extra on February 14 that will earn you a few extra cool points with that special man or lady in your life.    Whatever you do, do not forget this day because if you do, you will be in much trouble :)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Events of Sophistication and enjoy!


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